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Infiniscene Broadcast Control


Control your broadcast from any mobile device – free up screen real estate and computer power for your stream. Log in to Infiniscene from any smartphone or tablet and enjoy your new remote control.REMOTE CONTROLOur broadcast studio is in the cloud. Once you are all setup, go ahead and close that browser window. Start/stop your broadcast, switch scenes, and get support all from your phone or tablet.
STAY IN THE ZONENo need to alt-tab out or switch screens. Use your phone as the control panel and stay in the game.
MORE POWER FOR YOUR GAMESInfiniscene uses even less resources once you close your desktop browser and control it all from your device. Just keep our little app in the system tray running.
This app connects to your Infiniscene account to control your broadcast. The computer that captures your sources needs to be on with the Infiniscene app running. Infiniscene is currently in closed beta. Sign up at
Streaming Simplified.Infiniscene is a live broadcast studio powered by the cloud. Login with your Twitch, YouTube, or Hitbox account to become a broadcaster in a few simple clicks. Easily create an engaging live stream right in your web browser (and control it from your mobile devices).